21km of temporary cycleways given go-ahead in W. Sussex at cost of £780,000

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The seven new routes are being put in “To promote cycling to enable sustainable travel choices on key commuting routes to relieve the pressures on public transport and as an alternative to the car,” West Sussex County Council says.

“The schemes will provide improved travel choice for both residents and visitors and help to link commuting destinations in each of the county’s borough and district areas as the government eases lockdown in the Covid-19 crisis,” it quotes the cabinet member for Highways and Infrastructure, Roger Elkins, as saying.

Already social media has been abuzz with complaints that the new routes are snarling up roads and causing tailbacks and bottlenecks.

“It’s actually more dangerous for cyclists than it was before in Worthing – cars have to turn across the cycle lanes anyway,” said one.

“With all the tailbacks this is going to cause, surely the air pollution will be much worse than before,” said another.

“I would have thought public transport could have done with a boost rather than a competitive means of transport – though having said that, I’ve only seen one cyclist in them so I don’t think they’re being used anyway,” said another.

“The £781,000 is not guaranteed and may be clawed back should schemes not be started within four weeks of the allocation and completed within a further eight weeks,” says WSCC.

“The money is to fund the implementation, maintenance and monitoring of the schemes. They will be closely monitored to ensure they are having a positive impact on local travel.”

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