Apples and Orchards In Sussex

By Brian Short with Peter May, Gail Vines and Anne-Marie Bur
Published by Action in Rural Sussex and Brighton Permaculture Trust
Price £5.00. Available from:
ISBN 9 781873 850237

Who would have thought a book about apples could be so fascinating. Brian Short and his team have brought together a vast collection of interesting historical and botanical facts and maps in a beautifully illustrated volume. Did you know, for example, The Bishop of Durham grew twenty-one varieties at Glynde Place in 1754? Or that Worthing had numerous orchards as recently as the 1920s – all now grubbed up to make way for housing? Cider-making was big business, especially when it was found to stave off scurvy. It was even approved by Puritans. There’s a lot of social history in this book from Roman times to the present day.

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