Military Voices

Edited by Emma Worrell (White), Amy Perry & Martin Hayes for West Sussex County Council Library Service

Available in Public Libraries

ISBN 978-0-86260-593-3

Millions of British lives have been lost in conflicts since the start of The Great War. While remembering those who fought in the two World Wars, it is easy to overlook The Falklands, Korea, Northern Ireland and the Middle East. To compile this book – funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund and MOD Community Covenant Fund – forty-five volunteers interviewed survivors, and in some cases, filmed them. Also involved were The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home, The British Legion and Peter Baker, whose Collection of Great War Veteran Interviews captured the memories of those who passed on before this project began Interviewees came from across the services and from all walks of life. Some experienced real horror, others dreadful tedium, but most showed the humour and camaraderie that kept the British chin up in difficult times.

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