Our Queen – in Bognor

1929: It’s difficult to imagine our current Queen Elizabeth once being a child herself, but here she is, at the age of two, making sandcastles in the garden of Craigwell House, Aldwick, Bognor Regis – just like any other child. She was there visiting King George V, her grandfather, who was recuperating from a serious illness.

Queen Elizabeth II as a child. This photograph is courtesy of West Sussex Library Service, who we would like to thank very much. Visit www.westussexpast.org.uk to view more than 18,000 more photos & other local history websites.

At the time, there was no real expectation that Princess Elizabeth would ever become queen, since it was her uncle, Edward Prince of Wales, who was next in line.

He did ascend the throne in January 1936 to become King Edward VIII, only to abdicate in December of the same year to marry Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee who he had been forbidden to marry as monarch.

Elizabeth’s reluctant father Albert, or ‘Bertie’, Edward’s younger brother, then became King George VI – and despite his stutter was a capable and popular one.

This meant that the elder daughter of Albert and Elizabeth (the late Queen Mum), Princess Elizabeth, became first in line and on her father’s death in 1952, became queen. ty46 \lsdlo

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