Secret knitting circle stitches together two wheeled marvels

Caring4Sussex is always on the lookout for a good yarn –  especially as deadline approaches.

And we found one in the knit of time!   

East Preston villagers awoke one morning last month to discover their streets had been decorated overnight with knitted bicycles.

The eye-catching exhibition is not a genius ploy to pull the wool over the eyes of bicycle thieves – it’s the handiwork of a talented knitting circle called the Yarnbomb Sisters,  an anonymous, tight-knit group of creatives who – sew it seems –  shy away from blanket media coverage.   

Around 20 or so of the colourful bikes can be found dotted throughout the Arun District village, chained to lampposts and signs, including several on Sea Lane.

Our intrepid reporter was dispatched to unearth the knitty-gritty on the quilted crusaders but failed to find anyone willing to stitch them up or pedal gossip.

Instead, residents said they could not give a darn who weaved the bikes into two-wheeled marvels, adding they brightened up East Preston and proved it was a quirky place to live.  

“No one knows who’s in the group let alone who their leader might be, and to be honest that makes the decorated bikes all the more special,” said local Kerry Trip.

“They really brighten the village up, more so in these dark times of the Covid-19 pandemic. They bring a spontaneous smile to your face,” said Angela Rowe.

It seams the Yarnbomb Sisters’ identity remains undercover – a pattern of secrecy they prefer.

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