The Adventures of the Seven Oak Dragons

By Robert Hill

Austin Macauley Publishers


We all love dragons, or at least tales of dragons, even if most of the myths surrounding them focus on killing them.

But this isn’t true everywhere: in eastern countries, and notably China, where they can be seen on practically every curly roof, dragons are not considered evil creatures at all – quite the reverse, they are auspicious symbols and to be born in the year of the dragon apparently means you will be wise, noble and fearless. The creature itself is wise and welcoming, not to be feared.

Robert Hill’s dragons, who began life when they hatched out of the eggs their mother laid in the middle of an old oak tree, are also well meaning and rather cute.

They’re timid yet inquisitive, and their curiosity gets the better of their nerves as they come into the world and explore the creatures around them. They soon meet an eccentric lady who lives nearby, and she is able to teach them about the magic they possess that they didn’t even know they had.

Robert Hill’s depictions of the horses they meet in this colourful children’s book are as vivid as the dragons, and no wonder – Brighton artist Robert Hill grew up in Wales around horses and has taught children how to ride for years.

A cheerful book to charm children, with engaging pictures and a very simple story line.

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