UK Parliament should be envied – and Brexit is testimony to that

Thank you for the coverage of Brexit and how Sussex will fare in your last issue. I write in response to those that cry that the UK is a world laughing stock because of Parliament’s handling of Brexit – yet that cry merely exposes their shallow, armchair world view.

If I were Chinese, Russian, Saudi Arabian, Venezuelan, Zimbabwean, to name but five of the many nation states ruled by corrupt, authoritarian or sham democratic regimes, I would be looking on in envy at we UK citizens, whose parliamentarians debate every minuscule detail, no matter how petty and trivial, of how we leave the European Union, itself open to controversy given its unelected yet all-powerful Commission.

Granted, this current generation of politicians leaves much to be desired.  But regardless of their ineptitude, what holds strong is our parliamentary system, which allows all views to be heard and debated until the facts are distilled and laws (on every facet of British life) are either passed or rejected accordingly.  

And if we don’t like the level of debate or calibre of debaters, we can join in and vote out those that fail the high standards we demand.

Democracy might only be the best of the worst governing systems – but I’d rather have it than the alternatives.

British politics today is far from a joke. It has long been and remains a beacon of hope and best-practice model of democratic governance to those forced to live at the mercy of corrupt despots and their cronies.

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